The high physical toll of intellectual work


Image from page 177 of %22A treatise on orthopedic surgery%22 (1910) Image from p. 177 of A Treatise on orthopedic surgery (1910)

I’m back in the classroom this semester teaching a brand new course! That means I’ll be standing in front of my students during class, but every hour of class time represents several hours of prep time, most of it done sitting in a chair. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much it hurts to sit in a chair for such long periods. 

Several years ago, a grad school friend and I were comparing notes about the extent to which our bodies had fallen apart while in our respective programs – and that was before either of us had had a baby. It’s counterintuitive to think that sitting around all day, flipping pages in books, and typing papers, or performing any intensive desk work, could be so hard on a body, but it’s true. This 2011 NPR story, Sitting…

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