Surviving a military move and loving it!

This past week I had the opportunity to participate on a panel of 4 scientists to discuss Gender in Science at Emory University. That was so exciting and fascinating. I could go on and on about it, and I will, I promise…just not today. Today is MOVING DAY. And it’s not just any move – it’s a military move. My husband is in the Public Health Service. They’re the doctors, nurses, and environmental health officers under the Surgeon General.  They don’t carry guns or get deployed, which is great! It means we don’t have to move unless we want to. He found his dream job so today we are packing up all of our belongings from Atlanta into boxes, loading them into trucks, and sending them off. We’ll see them again in about a week in our new home in Narragansett, Rhode Island! This is a frenzied and somewhat traumatic process. How can I possibly have time to blog in the middle of all of this?! Here’s the best kept secret in moving – you can hire professional packers!

It’s not as though I can just sit back and do nothing. I have spent the past month purging our belongings, the last week cleaning, the last 24 hours packing up our cars with the irreplaceable stuff like documents and photos, and today I have been continuing those odds and ends (touching up paint, cleaning some more, throwing away food and so on). On the other hand, I am not responsible for putting everything in boxes and I do not have to lift anything heavy. DREAM. COME. TRUE.

Being married to someone in the military has its perks, and the PCS move is one of them! This is the first one that I’ve experienced. I did extensive Googling on the subject and found a LOT of horror stories. Based on the accounts we heard from military friends and from first person accounts I could find on the interwebs (it’s online so you know it’s legit), I thought this would be the worst…the Worst…THE WORST. Granted, we had our own share of shenanigans prior to the move. It took until last Friday for them to let us know our moving date. All that aside though, the moment has arrived, and I am pleasantly surprised (knock on wood!). Here is my review.

8:30am The packers arrived on time…three guys. Their mission? 2800 square feet packed and ready for the loaders tomorrow morning. Can they do it?

12pm They work fast. We have a lot of rooms, and a LOT of stuff. One guy has spent the entire day in the kitchen and it looks like he has a long way to go. How on earth did we accumulate so much kitchen crap?

4:30pm holy hot damn. There is still a whole floor to be done – are they gonna make it? They have packed up our mattresses and bedding. It looks like we are going to be roughing it tonight!

7:05pm They have been very careful with our stuff, and take time to show me every ding, scratch, and dent. They aren’t done yet, but I think they very close!

7:50pm 137 boxes packed. This doesn’t include all the boxes we had packed or the furniture. They labeled every box. They worked so hard. We tipped. They earned it!

This has been a crazy and long day. The hardest part was managing our 21 month old. Currently, he is being strolled around the neighborhood while I set up a makeshift “bed.” Tomorrow the movers come and we hit the road. It will be a week or so before we have internet access again. To Atlanta I say, so long and thanks for all the fish. Goodbye for now and wish us luck!


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