Hello! My name is Nelle and I have a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology. My other title is “mommy.”. I started this blog because I wanted to share my experiences having a child during graduate school and my son, Miles is now 4 years oldI thought at the time I had a full plate…then I seconds. This summer Wren was born and is about 4 months old. I had him in the middle of my postdoc and I will be transitioning to a tenure track faculty position in 2017. 

This blog is a way to share my stories in the hope that this will resonate and help others realize they are not alone. Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate student, postdoc, junior or senior faculty, woman, or a man – everyone struggles with achieving a balanced lifestyle. 

To be honest my life is chaotic. But in the chaos there is joy…and when there isn’t joy there is always sarcasm. Works for me.


I’m Gina, recent PhD graduate in the highly sought after field of the 18th century French novel. I shall be the literary “authority” on this blog. My son Ulysse came into the world in early 2013 and immediately swore an oath to do nothing but scowl at me and excrete bodily fluids in every direction until I got to work on finishing my dissertation. Let’s just say, I took him at his word. Now I am embarking on the first baby steps of life after grad school and preparing to teach a class as an adjunct concurrently with the ongoing construction of a massive and labyrinthine cardboard box structure on the deck for Ulysse’s enjoyment. When I am not swooning over the hero of some dusty old novel, I can often be found inventing silly songs with Ulysse as we rush to get ready for Zumba, cooking meals with as many leftovers as possible so I maybe won’t ever have to cook again, or sipping on a delicious cup of Earl Grey tea and reading Dr. Seuss books. My husband Fab and I would have been lost without the wise and sometimes brilliant tips and anecdotes we learned about from our friends, colleagues, and family members. I hope that I can in turn be a source of some comfort, solidarity, or maybe even a good laugh to other parents in academia. You can also go here to read about my non-academic, if no less nerdy side…it’s mostly about how much I love Zumba.

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